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TAVES 2013
Initial reports on the introduction of the re-designed Reference One Loudspeaker.

Sitting next to the Kudos but powered by the Mastersound Evolution 845 ($16,540), was Ron Harper’s newest version of his The Reference One Loudspeaker ($21,900/pair). It sounded very refined and had a very transparent, airy sound. The craftsmanship of these Canadian speakers is exceptional. They look as good as they sound. Look for a review of these and the Kudos soon. Both speakers are represented by Crown Mountain Imports.

--Anthony Kershaw / Audiophilia Magazine

While touring the many hallways, I came across some delightful sound from the Crown Mountain Imports room. Here being played was RJH Audio’s all-new Reference One loudspeaker (debut showing, $21,900/pair) that combines a Seas tweeter with a full-range 12” driver in a hand-built real wood veneer enclosure. Internally, the crossover is simple but uses very high-quality parts, including pure silver coils. Ron, the owner of RJH was proudly there to answer any questions about his all-new product that was producing a sweet and inviting sound – the best I’ve heard from an RJH product, to date. The new Reference One is a very easy load to drive with a sensitivity of 96.4 dB/1w/1m. The other loudspeaker on proud display in this room was from Kudos – the Super20 ($8,500/pair). Driving the RJH speakers was a Mastersound Evolution 845 tube-integrated amplifier ($18,000), producing 55-watts/channel. Connected to the Kudos speakers was a Mimetism 15.2 integrated amplifier ($8,000) offering 180-watts/channel.

--George De Sa / Canada Hi Fi Magazine

A few kind words on the Original Reference One.

Musically, The Reference One is a very special product. That the speakers look gorgeous is a lovely by product. Highly recommended. We are proud to award the RJH Audio The Reference One Loudspeaker an Audiophilia Star Component Award. Congratulations!

--Anthony Kershaw / Audiophilia Magazine

"RJH Audio The Reference One loudspeakers. Pinpoint accuracy from an Alnico driver housed in the most exquisite cabinet. Artisanal cabinet making and Alnico. Review pair on their way!"

--Anthony Kershaw / Audiophilia Magazine

 "The ultra efficient RJH Audio Reference One speakers driven by Quad electronics
kept a lot of audiophiles intranced at TAVES.

...Malcom Gomes / Stereo

"After two days, I just keep putting on records and saying, 'Damn! Damn! Damn!' I've never owned speakers with such beautiful high end and rich textures. It's truly psychedelic sound. I'm running a pair of my own single 45 tube amps, with my own preamp, and there is no problem with the low 2 watt power driving these."  

 --Jeff Brown


"I have been upgrading and changing high end equipment all my life trying to find something that actually sounds like music. I play guitar so it saddens me every time that I play a record or cd and I feel it sounds right then I pick up a guitar and on the first note I realize that my stereo equipment was not even close to sounding like real music. Since I purchased your Reference Ones that is no longer the case. Finally I can hear the notes coming alive, strings vibrating on every note. Each note grows and flows out in to the room then slowly fades away at the end of it's life span. When I think of the money I could have saved over the last 40 years in my endless quest to put together a sound system that actualy plays music I am discusted. Where were you 40 years ago?         

 -- Jim Renolds

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